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Confusion is also often caused by a code that is printed directly on the egg packaging: the so-called code "Packing point code". This is a series of letters and numbers that, in contrast to the producer code, only indicates the place where the eggs were packed. "The laying and packaging locations can be quite different and can, for example, be in different countries. It can happen that eggs are laid in the Netherlands and only end up in the carton in Germany" says the consumer advice center.

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Alternative when buying eggs

In Germany up to 50 million male chicks are killed every year immediately after hatching because they are out of the question for laying eggs. If you are looking for an alternative when buying eggs, avoiding killing the so-called "Day old chicks" To prevent this, one can use eggs from one of the various initiatives that are committed to the rearing of male chicks from laying hens. These are among others:

basic Bruderherz-InitiativeBruderhahn Initiative DeutschlandBruderküken-InitiativeHaehnleinHerzbubeInitiative Bruder-EiSpitz & JackSources used: dpa news agency, own research

For many, it is simply part of the perfect breakfast: the omelette. However, there are a few things to consider when preparing it. Here you can find out what is particularly important.

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An omelette is a popular egg dish. The difference to scrambled eggs is that the omelette is not chopped up in the pan, but rather prepared whole.

Recipe: make an omelette

The classic omelette only needs three ingredients – and can be fried quickly with the right technique.

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2 to 3 eggs, salt for seasoning, butter for frying Simple and clean – this trick allows you to separate eggs without any problems

Simple and clean
This trick allows you to separate eggs without any problems

Separating eggs – a major challenge for many. The annoying swirling of the egg yolk can go wrong sometimes. With a simple trick it becomes easy and clean.more


First, put the eggs in a bowl and season with the salt. Beat the eggs with a whisk until foamy. Then heat some butter in the pan and add the egg mixture. Move the egg dish with the back of a fork Long in the pan, until it slowly solidifies but is still creamy. Then the omelette is ready.

100 grams of omelette have around 160 kilocalories (kcal).

The right pan for the omelette

Professional chefs use special omelette pans. These are only used for the preparation of omelets, because any leftovers from other dishes will leave the eggs hanging on and you will not be able to shape the omelette so easily.

In addition, the transition from the bottom to the slightly steeper and higher edge of these pans is rounded. This makes it easier to roll up the food.

Making an omelette in an omelette maker is even easier.